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Sylvia Nollen

Mauritslaan 49, 6129 EL Urmond
T +31(0)43 - 880 22 59
M +31(0)6 - 549 27 426

Sylvia Nollen (1958) worked in the North-East of Brazil after obtaining her nursing degree where she erected a cooperative purchasing organization and polyclinic. She continued studying psychology at the University of Utrecht. She graduated in Health Sciences with a double major in Healthcare Management and ‘Mental Health.

Sylvia has a broad working experience in a variety of positions in the field of teaching and healthcare management. Since 2002, conflicts and communication within businesses and public authorities take a central stand in her work. In preventive spheres, as coach, trainer, process supporter and confidant, as well as in curative spheres, as mediator and negotiation advisor. She focusses on respect and empowerment, to strengthen the power of people and organizations, recovery and improvement of working relations, assuming that the presence of conflicts are a fact and that they do can bring about positive energy.

There is a gain in every conflict. She focusses as coach on blocking thoughts and behavioral changes. Her mediation practice is specialized in business- and working conflicts and governance conflicts.

Sylvia has a sense for atmosphere and heart for people, is approachable yet robust and clear. Sylvia works driven and accurate, with an eye for detail without losing track of the bigger picture. Listening, also in between lines, is what it all starts with. Tennis, hiking, dance and cooking are important sources of inspiration for here.

Sylvia is certified NMI- and IMI mediator. She is connected as mediator to the ACB-group B.V., the Dutch Equal Treatment Commission and the Court of Maastricht and Roermond., In addition, she provides lectures, workshops and trainings in the field of organizations, communications and conflicts. She is currently developing a course in Group dynamics in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences of Utrecht .

Ernest Kneepkens

Mauritslaan 49, 6129 EL Urmond
T +31(0)43 - 880 22 59
M +31(0)6 - 461 86 728

Ernest Kneepkens (1952) studied (international) Law at the University of Utrecht. After his studies, he worked at the Ministry of Economic affairs in The Hague.

In 1982 he started working as a lawyer specialized in Corporation & Enterprise law and Trade law. Due to his experience and way of working, he was asked to perform as a substitute judge at the court of Maastricht. Gradually, mediation came more and more to the core of his work. His experience in a variety of executive roles, in the (sport)medical sector and in the cultural sector, are of great benefit. Conflicts are omnipresent and demand a well-thought policy and management. Ranging from governance or about profit-orientated business corporations to non-profit organizations, all require responsibility for management of the risk as a consequence of the conflict. Only then, you are in control.

Ernest is known for his way of bringing calmness and trust, whilst not avoiding confrontation. His structured way of working account for clarity and give space to new creative solutions.
Art, nature and dance are great sources of inspiration to Ernest and help him over and over again to realize that hard work pays off. He knows how to balance involvement while keeping perspective. People in his surrounding, privately as well as people with whom he worked during mediations, are on its turn inspired by him.

Since 2002, Ernest works as a certified NMI mediator. He is as a court-mediator linked to the courts of Maastricht, Roermond, Breda and Den Bosch and with the Council of State. and
Ernest is also arbiter at the e-court, the first online court in the Netherlands.